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The World’s first marketplace for the discovery, analysis, and exchange of data.

Bubblo is an AI-powered discovery platform that gives users a real-time "Top 5" of recommendations on restaurants, bars, or other venues based on a constant flow of user-generated data. Users are incentivized to provide this real-time data flow because they earn Bubblo tokens, which can be redeemed for discounts or other rewards at venues and merchants. For merchants and third parties, these tokens simultaneously represent the right to retarget their clients or to collect valuable market insight by exchanging the tokens with Bubblo. All parties thus have the ability to either monetize or protect their data via the token.

The Next-Level Discovery Platform that Caters to Your Taste

Bubblo uses IBM Watson’s Artificial Intelligence to rank venues based on check-ins, ratings, social media popularity, and user preference data aggregated from a myriad of existing digital and social media sources and then displays just the top 5 places based on user preferences.

Virtual Reality

Bubblo allows users to see venues in 360 degree video and aims to become the largest database for brick and mortar business’ VR videos.

All in One Place

Aggregates data from all the social networks and review sites as well as integrated with taxi booking, table booking, food delivery, and payment services. All in one app.

Gender Ratio

Bubblo allows users to see whether a place has more guys or girls to help them decide where to go out.

Mix and match filters

Want the Top 5 Japanese restaurants, with more guys than girls, that have discounts? You got it. With Bubblo, YOU decide what kind of Top five you are in the mood for!


Incentivizes and Rewards For Data

Bubblo is an ingenious solution to collect the most honest and accurate reviews of restaurants, bars and venues, of all kinds, by merging blockchain with the power of AI.

It allows users to earn by sharing their opinion, uploading images/videos and adding new venues, while giving businesses real-time marketing tools to reach the right nearby potential customer. By gamifying and incentivizing users to participate and engage, Bubblo hopes to involve a broader group of reviewers into its community than existing Review sites. By involving a large group of engaged users in the token ecosystem sharing their opinions and then providing them the incentives to trade on that data for discounts and rewards, Bubblo's community becomes ground floor in sourcing valuable user opinions and data



Reviews completely uninfluenced

Unlike other review platforms where reviews can be manipulated, Bubblo’s recommendations engine is heavily data driven and does not solely rely on users but uses historical, realtime social media and review site data.

Community reviews in the token ecosystem contribute to rankings, however the recommendations only change when other metrics such as user preferences, check-ins, and other historical and real time factors are also changing.



Discovery at a global scale

Bubblo’s blockchain ecosystem incentivizes a Wikipedia style crowdsourcing of venue data; phone numbers, addresses, pictures, videos, locations, etc. Adding or correcting info in the Bubblo database results in a token reward for the contribution with opportunities to earn bonuses the more someone contributes.

Bubblo’s track record of being able to negotiate partnerships with Blue Chip companies across industries and geographies will ensure continued brand awareness, adoption, and raises the use case for the Bubblo Token ecosystem as well.

Cross-Industry Partnership Successes

Bubblo is easily scalable globally as it is able to build its database of Bars, Clubs and Restaurants from existing open - source APIs allowing it expand to any new city in the world within a week.

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